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Holly Leech   
Commandant Office Manager

P:  (540) 464-7313
F: (540) 464-7748
OC: 540-464-7293 (OB 135)
Evening/Night OC:–540-464-7962 (OB 123) or 540-464-7285  (NB 496)
Guard Room:  540-464-7294 (Jackson Arch)

Commandant's Office
Virginia Military Institute
Jackson Arch, Barracks
Lexington, VA 24450

The Chaplain's Office

The Chaplain’s Office provides opportunities for every cadet to foster and nurture a genuine, personal and meaningful faith. The Office primarily serves as the point of contact for cadets regarding concerns of a religious nature. The office also serves as a resource for the counseling needs of cadets, regardless of religious affiliation. The religious convictions of our students are respected regardless of one’s faith preference, and the religious freedom of all cadets is assured through the Chaplains’ Office.

Numerous opportunities are provided to encourage the development of interpersonal faith. Bible studies and group activities are conducted by organizations such as the Newman Club, Baptist Student Union, Canterbury Club, Officers Christian Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and many others.  The Chaplains’ Office also provides opportunities for various urban and overseas missions trips.      

There are more than a dozen churches in the Lexington area and many of them provide campus ministries. Our cadets are frequently adopted by local church families and cared for while they are away from home. The Chaplains’ Office also offers a non-denominational service each Sunday morning while VMI is in session.  As with other local churches, within the VMI chapel fellowship are also cared for by host families made up of faculty, staff, and other members of Lexington area community.  In addition, a campus fellowship meeting is available each Sunday evening for those of Christian faith and those who are curious.

Please feel free to contact our office via e-mail, phone, or facebook. 

P: (540) 464-7390 
E: Chaplain Park 
    Chaplain Casper 
    Mary Cannon


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Mary Cannon
Secretary to the Chaplain
Old Hospital
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA  24450
P: (540) 464-7390
F: (540) 464-7727