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P.O. Box 932

Lexington, Virginia 24450
304 Letcher Avenue

Lexington, Virginia 24450
P:  800-444-1839
P:  540-464-7287
F:  540-464-4545

VMI Foundation Board of Trustees 

The volunteer leaders of the VMI Foundation are dedicated to the advancement of Virginia Military Institute and to improving the already extraordinary education that the Institute provides the Corps of Cadets. Giving selflessly of their talents and time, they contribute immensely to work of the VMI Foundation and, therefore, to the Institute's on-going success.  The following people are on the Board for Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015).

Hugh M. Fain III '80 President

T. Bryan Barton '68 Vice President - Development  

Stephen E. Hupp '84 Vice President - Administration

John D. Adams '96
Thomas M. Boyd '68
Charles F. Bryan, Jr. '69 
Kathleen Bulger-Barnett**
Elizabeth D. Camp

Kim Y. "Danny" Chu '83
Richard E. Collier '57
Luther C. "Dan" Daniels, Jr. '75
Alexander M. Earle, Jr. '78
John F. Fick III '72
M. David Gibbons '68
Thomas S. Greenspon '85
Richard A. Hack '72
S. Read Hanmer, Jr. '55
J. Battle Haslam II '61
Kerry D. Kirk '85 

John C. Miller '61
William A. Paulette '69*
J. H. Binford Peay III '62**
Brooke H. Pendleton
Edgar J. T. Perrow, Jr. '96**
Kurt A. Polk '95
George P. Ramsey III '72**
George M. Rapport '64
Gary J. Taylor '75
Robert C. Troxler '63
William E. Welsh '64
Thomas W. Williamson, Jr. '72
Elise G. Woodworth '07
Thomas H. Zarges '70
* ex-officio member
**ex-officio member, non-voting