Economics & Business Faculty

Moreschi, Robert

Col. Robert Moreschi

Dept. Head & Professor

Ph.D. - University of Illinois

Specialty: Portfolio Management, Principles of Investments, Business Finance, Applied Microeconomic Theory, Investment Consulting

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Lt. Col. Samuel Allen

Associate Professor

Ph.D. - University of Arizona

Specialty: Labor Economics, Economic History, Political Economy and Applied Econometrics

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Basu, Atin

Col. Atin Basu Choudhary


Ph.D. - University of Mississippi

Specialty: Behavior of cartels (or political lobbying groups), the impact of anti-trust legislation on cartels, trade wars, corruption, and the evolution of cultures

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Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl

Lt. Col. Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl

Associate Professor

Ph.D. - University of Maryland

Specialty: Economics of Institutions, Post-Socialist Economies and Politics, Law and Economics, and Economic History

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Jennifer Gerow

Maj. Jennifer E. Gerow

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. - Clemson University

Specialty: Management of Information Systems, Web 2.0 for Business, Principles of Management

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Maj. Benjamin C. Grannan

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. - Virginia Commonwealth University

Specialty:  Discrete Optimization, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, and Military Healthcare Logistics

Jiang, Bing

Dr. Bing Jiang

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. - Emory University

Specialty: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

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Raymond MacDermott

Lt. Col. Raymond MacDermott

Associate Professor

Ph.D. - Rutgers University

Specialty: International Economics, Macroeconomics

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Maj. Dekuwmini Mornah

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. - University of Mississippi

Specialty: Public Choice, International Economics and Applied Econometrics


Sen, Tinni

Col. Tinni Sen


Ph.D. - University of Mississippi

Specialty: Asymmetric Business Cycles, Evolutionary Game Theory, Pedagogical Research, and Law and Economics

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Jeff Smith

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Smith

Associate Professor

Ph.D. - University of Tennessee

Specialty: Macro-Monetary and Environmental

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Cliff West

Col. Clifford West, Jr.


Ph.D. - Indiana University

Specialty: Top management demographics and decision making, Principles of Management, Business Policy and Entrepreneurship

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Daniel K. Evans

Adjunct Professor

J.D. - Washington & Lee University

Specialty:  Managerial Accounting, Accounting, & White Collar Crime

Hodges, Victoria

Victoria F. Hodges

Adjunct Professor

M.B.A. - James Madison University

MacDonald, Bruce

Bruce MacDonald

Adjunct Professor & Internship Coordinator

B.A. - Trinity College

Specialty:  Advertising

Preysz, Louis

Louis Preysz III

Adjunct Professor

M.B.A - University of Utah

Specialty:  Marketing and Management


Roscoe Stephenson

Roscoe Stephenson, III

Adjunct Professor

J.D. - Washington & Lee University School of Law

Specialty:  Business Law

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Summers, Bruce

Bruce J. Summers

Adjunct Professor

M.A. - University of Illinois

Specialty:  Money & Banking, Central Bank Operations