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ODS-NewsCheck out our Fall ODS newsletter, "Success in the Workplace". In this edition, we focus on, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), what are reasonable accommodations in the workplace, and how to communicate your needs with an employer.

For Incoming Cadets 2015-2016

The Office of Disabilities Services is committed to supporting your success at VMI.  To allow adequate time to review your documentation and discuss accommodations for which you might be eligible, please email or call to schedule an appointment with the Director of Disabilities Services, LTC Sarah Jones, at 540-464-7667;

Documentation Guidelines - details on information that must be included before ODS can determine appropriate accommodations.

Did You Know....

Learning disabilities can be difficult to manage, but they don’t necessarily impact a person’s chances of success. Many celebrities and famous figures from history struggled with learning disabilities, but the disabilities may have been instrumental in shaping their perspectives and helping them find the willpower to achieve their goals. Here’s a full list of famous people with learning disabilities, including a description of their disabilities and their claims to fame. They can be a source of inspiration. 

Famous People with Learning Disabilities