"Empowering cadets to be extraordinary!"

Mission Statement

The mission of the Miller Academic Center is to be an integral and valued part of the rich academic tradition of the Virginia Military Institute by providing services and programs to cadets, faculty, parents, and other members of the VMI community to facilitate cadets’ achievement of optimal academic success.

Strategic Direction

To fulfill our mission, we will provide a system of academic success programs and services that proactively facilitates the successful transition and academic performance of cadets throughout their time at VMI. Simultaneously we will enhance the reputation and credibility of the MAC by educating stakeholders about the capabilities and possibilities of the MAC so that programs and services are fully utilized and valued.

Latest News from the MAC: 

Cadet Leadership Opportunities for Fall 2014:

Cadet Program Assistants are needed for Operation Excel, Group Study Sessions (see below for details), and Project Success. Any upperclass cadet interested in working with the Miller Academic Center should review our website to learn about our programs and then contact us at mac@vmi.edu for application information. Positions can be voluntary or paid $10.00 an hour for these program roles.

Group Study Sessions (GSS) 

 GSS are led by one or two upperclass cadets who earned a B or better in the course at VMI. GSS+ are Group Study Sessions that have a faculty member working closely with the cadet leaders to help them plan the sessions and debrief/assess following each week's group meeting. The faculty for GSS+ also attend the weekly group meeting to observe, mentor, and assist where needed. Please see the table below for more information about the location and time of these meetings. If you do not see a course listed and you would like the MAC to start a GSS for that course, contact MAJ Coates (coatestk@vmi.edu) with your request. 

PY 120 & 160
MH 312
BI 101
MBH 314
EC 202
SS 213
EC 201
SS 213
EC 300+
SS 219
GR 316
SS 217
FR 101 & 201
SS 112
PS 201
  AR 101 & 201
SS 310
HI 103+
SS 510
CH 131 & 137
MBH 203
    SP 101 & 201
SS 319
    CH 101
SS 316
    HI 200+
SS 538
    BI 103
MBH 216

Individual Meetings Available

MAC staff is available from 0800-1630, Monday - Friday throughout the summer for individuals meetings. Interested cadets can either schedule an appointment or drop by. Possible topics can include setting goals, planning your time so you can do everything you need to do and want to do, reading for comprehension and retention, note-taking, and test preparation and test-taking. Cadets with suggestions of programs and services that the MAC should consider offering are also encouraged to come by the office.