New and Popular Materials

Title Call Number Date Added
The dead marchE404 .G83 20172017-09-19
The origin of othersPS173.N4 M677 20172017-09-19
The personal memoirs of Ulysses S. GrantE672 .A3 20172017-09-19
One nation under contractJZ1480 .S77 20092017-09-18
4 3 2 1PS3551.U77 A615 20172017-09-18
Dark ideasHN90.R3 M65 20172017-09-18
Days without endPR6052.A729 D39 20172017-09-18
The new annotated FrankensteinPR5397 .F7 20172017-09-18
The selloutPS3552.E19 S45 20162017-09-18
Solar bonesPR6063.C363 S65 20172017-09-18
The cold warD843 .W445 20172017-09-15
IstanbulDR728 .H85 20172017-09-15
Midnight's furiesDS480.842 .H35 20162017-09-15
Defining moments in Black historyE185 .G759 20172017-09-15
On Tokyo's edgePS3552.A4547 O5 20172017-09-15
Pale riderRC150.4 .S65 20172017-09-15
Beethoven for a later ageML410.B42 D87 20162017-09-15
The Middle East and the making of the modern worldDS62.4 .S33 20172017-09-14
The pricing of progressHC110.C3 C66 20172017-09-14
Lying to ourselvesU22 .W67 20152017-09-14
Deep readingPE1404 .D3875 20172017-09-14
Golden HillPR6119.P84 G65 20162017-09-14
Bach's major vocal worksML410.B13 R29 20162017-09-14
The genesis of Roman architectureNA310 .H7595 20162017-09-14
Käthe Kollwitz and the women of warN6888.K62 A4 20162017-09-14
The smearPN4888.C6 A85 20172017-09-13
In an instantPN4874.W6925 W66 20082017-09-12
Territories of conflictF2270.7 .T47 20172017-09-12
Worst. President. Ever.E437 .S77 20172017-09-12
The republic for which it standsE668 .W58 20172017-09-12
When the state meets the streetJF1601 .Z34 20172017-09-11
The command of the oceanDA87 .R65 20052017-09-11
Knowing the enemyVB231.U54 M85 20172017-09-11
China as a maritime powerDS739 .M85 20162017-09-11
George Washington's liberty keyE265 .B34 20162017-09-11
Toward the abyssDS119.76 .B45 20152017-09-11
Intergroup helpingHM716 .I684 20172017-09-11
Bad callGV735 .C65 20162017-09-11
AwakeningHQ1034.U5 F73 20172017-09-11
Harold BrownD 1.2:H 62/3/V.92017-09-07
Lun yu jiang yaoPL2471.Z6 L335 20132017-09-07
The Harlem HellfightersD570.33 369th .B76 20142017-09-05
The course of landscape architectureSB472 .G57 20162017-09-05
DegasNE2246.D43 A4 20162017-09-05
Igor StravinskyML410.S932 C86 20152017-09-05
Listen againML193 .W87 20152017-09-05
The once and future liberalJC574.2.U6 L56 20172017-09-05
The rise and fall of the fine art print in eighteenth-century FranceNE647.2 .J64 20162017-09-05
Sounds and sweet airsML390 .S686 20172017-09-05
Tribing and untribing the archiveGN406 .T75 2016 v.22017-09-05
Military rebellion in ArgentinaF2849.2 .N67 19962017-09-04
The chessboard and the webJZ1254 .S53 20172017-09-01
Race and reunionE468.9 .B58 20012017-09-01
Drive to hegemonyF2178.U6 H43 19882017-09-01
Letters to his neighborPQ2631.R63 A2 20172017-08-31
New media dramaturgyPN2086 .E25 20172017-08-31
Qualitative inquiry & research designH61 .C73 20182017-08-31
Notes on a foreign countryPN4874.H227 A3 20172017-08-30
A practical educationLC1023 .S77 20172017-08-30
You can do anythingHF5382.5.U5 A7185 20172017-08-30
Faces of moderationJA83 .C74 20172017-08-30
The future life of traumaHM1025 .Y87 20172017-08-30
Doing EnglishPR51.G7 E25 20172017-08-30
Dream hoardersHT690.U6 R44 20172017-08-30
The epiphany machinePS3607.E7745 E65 20172017-08-30
The great rescueVM383.L3 H47 20172017-08-30
The hummingbirdPS3611.I4457 H86 20162017-08-30
The Routledge dance studies readerGV1594 .R68 20102017-08-30
Women, warfare and representationUB418.W65 A74 20172017-08-30
Napoleon's warsDC151 .E69 20082017-08-29
Perilous questionDA540 .F73 20132017-08-29
1805, AusterlitzDC227.5.A8 G64 20052017-08-29
Northern ArmageddonE199 .M17 20162017-08-29
Chasing spaceTL789.85.M46 A3 20172017-08-29
The original Black eliteE185.93.D6 T39 20172017-08-29
Black MosesPQ3989.2.M217 P4813 20172017-08-28
The ends of the worldQE721.2.E97 B73 20172017-08-28
RebellionDA375 .A35 20152017-08-28
TudorsDA315 .A34 20142017-08-28
The world broke in twoPR888.M63 G65 20172017-08-28
Drug resistanceQR177 .B67 20172017-08-28
Fires in the mirrorPS3569.M465 F56 19932017-08-28
Shell shock, memory, and the novel in the wake of World War IPR888.W65 D63 20152017-08-28
WoolfPR6045.O72 Z87648 20162017-08-28
"The salesman has a birthday"PS3525.I5156 D4373 20002017-08-23
The new Oxford book of war poetryPN6110.W28 O93 20152017-08-23
The book of Emma ReyesN6679.R49 A3 20172017-08-21
Conversations with Edwidge DanticatPS3554.A5815 Z46 20172017-08-21
Home firePR9540.9.S485 H66 20172017-08-21
Talking Black and WhiteE185.615 .B397 20172017-08-21
The secret knowledgeJK1726 .M36 20122017-08-21
Leaving orbitTL521.312 .D43 20152017-08-21
Tribing and untribing the archiveGN406 .T75 2016 v.12017-08-21
The day will pass awayHV8959.R9 C55 20172017-08-18
Redefining scienceU264 .R83 20162017-08-18
Arthur MillerPS3525.I5156 Z5445 20052017-08-17
The history problemDS518.1 .S25 20172017-08-17
Media laws across the worldK3255 .H66 20162017-08-17
Backwards and forwardsPN1661 .B34 19832017-08-16
Clybourne ParkPS3614.O768 C59 20112017-08-16
The master planHV6433.I722 I85387 20162017-08-14
Photo forensicsTR147 .F36 20162017-08-14
The rhetoric of Hindu IndiaBL1215.P65 B368 20172017-08-14
The tale of the dueling neurosurgeonsQP376 .K35 20152017-08-14
#RepublicHM851 .S869 20172017-08-10
100 essays I don't have time to writePS3618.U48 A6 20152017-08-10
Athens BurningDF225.55 .G37 20172017-08-10
Buying timeTD195.42 .M35 20172017-08-10
Disarmament under international lawKZ5624 .K54 20172017-08-10
From memory to memorialHV6432.7 .T558 20172017-08-10
Full court pressGV885.43.M57 P48 20162017-08-10
A great place to have a warDS557.8.L3 K87 20172017-08-10
The history of genocide in cinemaPN1995.9.G37 H57 20172017-08-10
Ireland's immortalsBL980.I7 W54 20162017-08-10
The Last Superpower SummitsE183.8.S65 L38 20162017-08-10
Out of the runningJK1764 .S53 20172017-08-10
The Penguin Arthur MillerPS3525.I5156 A6 20152017-08-10
The playwright's voicePS352 .P575 19992017-08-10
The portable nineteenth-century African American women writersPS508.N3 P596 20172017-08-10
Revise the PsalmPS3503.R7244 Z83 20172017-08-10
Stark mad abolitionistsF686 .S89 20172017-08-10
SweatPS3564.O795 S94 20172017-08-10
Twilight--Los Angeles, 1992 on the roadPS3569.M465 T95 19942017-08-10
Njinga of AngolaDT1365.N95 H49 20172017-08-10
The miracle of analogy, or, The history of photographyTR15 .S49 pt.1 20152017-08-10
Life adriftJV6225 .L538 20172017-08-10
The Oxford handbook of classical Chinese literature (1000 BCE-900 CE)PL2283 .O94 20172017-08-10
The disaster artistPN1997.R57565 S47 20142017-08-10
Written in bloodDK4800.P7 T86 20162017-08-09
The Second World WarD743 .P79 20112017-08-09
The Bolshevik revolution and Russian Civil WarDK265 .W23 20012017-08-09
Talk to meE885 .S63 20002017-08-08
The humansPS3611.A72 H86 20162017-08-08
Renaissance France at warDC46.5 .P68 20082017-08-08
Superfast primetime ultimate nationHN683.5 .R576 20172017-08-07
American buffaloPS3563.A4345 A8 19772017-08-07
Plays twoPS3569.H394 A6 19972017-08-07
The HuguenotsBX9451 .H85 20142017-08-07
Ritual and violenceBL65.V55 R58 20122017-08-07
Storm centerDS318.85.R64 R63 19922017-08-03
Four later novelsPS3525.I486 A6 20172017-08-03
Napoleon and WellingtonDC203 .R68 20012017-08-03
Moscow 1812DC235 .Z35 20042017-08-03
The summitHF1352 .C655 20152017-08-03
BehaveQP355.2 .S2175 20172017-08-01
Black edgeHG4930 .K65 20172017-08-01
BlitzedHV5840.G3 O3513 20172017-08-01
BuggedQL463 .M1988 20172017-08-01
Caesar's last breathQC161 .K43 20172017-08-01
A colony in a nationHV9950 .H396 20172017-08-01
Dodge CityF689.D64 C55 20172017-08-01
Everything all at onceB809.2 .N94 20172017-08-01
HannibalDG249 .H86 20172017-08-01
A mind at playQA29.S423 S66 20172017-08-01
On this dateE174.5 .C36 20172017-08-01
Once upon a time in ShaolinML421.W8 B69 20172017-08-01
Richard NixonE856 .F37 20172017-08-01
The streakGV865.G4 E57 20172017-08-01
Why?BF323.C8 L58 20172017-08-01
The women who flew for HitlerD787 .M833 20172017-08-01
WoollyQE882.P8 M49 20172017-08-01
ScienceblindQ175.32.R45 S48 20172017-08-01
OwnedKF390.5.C6 F35 20172017-08-01
Sons and soldiersD810.J4 H463 20172017-07-28
The industrial revolutionariesHD2321 .W45 20072017-07-27
The cash nexusHJ235 .F47 20012017-07-27
The enemy at the gateCB251 .W44 20092017-07-27
The dawn of innovationHC105 .M73 20122017-07-27
Iron, steam & moneyDA480 .O836 20132017-07-27
Energy securityHD9502.A2 D36 20172017-07-26
Never call me a heroD774.M5 K54 20172017-07-26
Understanding Boko HaramHV6433.N62 B685 20172017-07-24
The pathologies of powerJZ1480 .P368 20132017-07-24
Bouvard et PécuchetPQ2246 .B7 19992017-07-24
The locomotive of warD523 .C549 20172017-07-24
Conversations with Ron RashPS3568.A698 Z46 20172017-07-24
The art of being freeJK216.T7193 P68 20172017-07-24
The bonjour effectDC34 .B275 20172017-07-24
The genius of Jane AustenPR4036 .B923 20172017-07-24
The making of Jane AustenPR4038.I52 L66 20172017-07-24
Be free or dieE185.97.S6 L56 20172017-07-19
The chickenshit clubHV6769 .E394 20172017-07-19
The darkening webJZ1254 .K56 20172017-07-19
Destined for warJZ6385 .A45 20172017-07-19
Hammerhead SixDS371.43.F79 A3 20162017-07-19
Henry David ThoreauPS3053 .W28 20172017-07-19
OctoberDK265 .M475 20172017-07-19
SapiensCB113.H4 H3713 20152017-07-19
The U.S. Naval Institute on Leadership EthicsU22 .U48 20172017-07-19
Women and the French Army during the World Wars, 1914-1940UB419.F8 O77 20172017-07-19
CommandersU51 .G73 20102017-07-18
Shores of knowledgeE101 .A66 20132017-07-18
China's wingsHE9878.C47 C76 20122017-07-18
An empire of wealthHC103 .G673 20042017-07-18
The flowers of the forestD547.S38 R69 20062017-07-18
The most powerful idea in the worldTJ461 .R67 20102017-07-18
In the hour of victoryDA87 .W55 20142017-07-18
The struggle for sea powerE271 .W66 20162017-07-18
Cities of empireDA16 .H86 20142017-07-18
Challenge to ApolloTL789.8.S65 S47 20002017-07-18
Reading Raymond CarverTR647.F77 R43 20172017-07-17
Fighting in the shadowsE627 .L36 20172017-07-17
Monty's menD756.3 .B83 20132017-07-13
Finding the Dragon LadyDS556.93.T676 D46 20132017-07-13
ConquerorsJV4214 .C76 20152017-07-13
DeathrideD764 .M736 20102017-07-13
Ring of steelD531 .W38 20142017-07-13
The great seaDE71 .A25 20112017-07-13
DiariesE377 .A3 2017 v.12017-07-13
DiariesE377 .A3 2017 v.22017-07-13
The Essex SerpentPR6116.E776 E87 20162017-07-12
Beyond transHQ77.95.U6 D39 20172017-07-12
Feminism unfinishedHQ1421 .C63 20152017-07-12
MontaignePQ1643 .D39513 20172017-07-12
News under firePN5367.P6 W45 20172017-07-12
The Crimean nexusDK508.57.R8 P54 20172017-07-12
A history of genocide in AfricaDT30.5 .S74 20172017-07-12
Who gets in?LB2351.2 .Z95 20172017-07-12
Why I'm no longer talking to white people about raceDA125.A1 E33 20172017-07-12
Marching homeE462 .J67 20142017-07-12
A military history of the modern Middle EastDS63.15 .M35 20172017-07-12
Performance anxiety strategiesML3830 .M36 20172017-07-12
The flight of the centuryTL540.L5 K385 20102017-07-11
A line in the sandDS63 .B33 20122017-07-11
The value of Virginia WoolfPR6045.O72 Z6135 20162017-07-10
Desmond DossD810.C82 D68 20052017-07-07
The death and life of the Great LakesQH104.5.G7 E43 20172017-07-07
EcocriticismPR143 .G37 20122017-07-07
EllePQ2664.J5 O313 20172017-07-07
It's okay about itBV4501.3 .C4145 20172017-07-07
The Jersey brothersD767.4 .F78 20172017-07-07
Last Hope IslandD810.G6 O46 20172017-07-07
The retreat of western liberalismJC574 .L84 20172017-07-07
Seeds of lifeQP251 .D59 20172017-07-07
Virginia Woolf's modernist pathPR6045.O72 Z8119 20162017-07-07
Improving how universities teach scienceQ181 .W54 20172017-07-07
Letters of lightPJ6123 .O83 20172017-07-07
Energy revolutionTJ163.2 .P735 20152017-07-07
Iran-ContraE876 .B97 20142017-07-07
EssayismPN4500 .D55 20172017-07-07
Is satire saving our nation?P95.82.U6 M383 20142017-07-06
Harsh lessonsDS79.76 .B375 20172017-07-06
Rising China and its postmodern fate.DS779.47 .H67 20162017-07-06
The body's questionPS3619.M5955 B63 20032017-07-06
Virginia WoolfPR6045.O72 Z8918 20172017-07-06
Serving the ReichQC773.3.G3 B35 20142017-07-06
Classification of conflicts in international humanitarian lawKZ6471 .Z36 20172017-06-29
Life on MarsPS3619.M5955 L54 20112017-06-29
Ordinary lightPS3619.M5955 Z46 20162017-06-29
Faulkner and HurstonPS3511.A86 Z783211169 20172017-06-29
50 visions of mathematicsQA93 .A15 20142017-06-29
The 10 cent warPN6725 .A13 20162017-06-29
African realism?JZ1773 .H46 20172017-06-29
Colonial genocide in indigenous North AmericaE77 .C69 20142017-06-29
The Black presidencyE185.615 .D9449 20172017-06-29
The politics of resentmentP301.5.P67 E54 20152017-06-29
Virginia WoolfPR6045.O72 Z825 20162017-06-29
Women in Christian traditionsBV639.W7 M594 20152017-06-29
The blue buickPS3556.A3625 A6 20162017-06-29
A crisis of leadership and the role of citizens in Black AmericaE185.615 .G6718 20162017-06-29
Huế 1968DS557.8.H83 B68 20172017-06-29
Islamic exceptionalismBP173.7 .H3554 20172017-06-29
99 poemsPS3557.I5215 A6 20172017-06-29
Becoming Virginia WoolfPR6045.O72 Z8117 20142017-06-23
Between dispersion and belongingGF50 .B48 20162017-06-23
Can we avoid another financial crisis?HD87 .K434 20172017-06-23
Churchill and the bomb in war and Cold WarDA566.9.C5 R78 20162017-06-23
Congress buys a navyVA58 .P43 20162017-06-23
Crossing bordersPN51 .C74 20172017-06-23
Daring to driveHQ1730.Z75 S47 20172017-06-23
DemocracyJC421 .R49 20172017-06-23
Everybody liesQA76.9.D343 S747 20172017-06-23
The evolution of beautyQL761 .P744 20172017-06-23
How to be a geekQA76.76.H85 H69 20172017-06-23
In the warlords' shadowDS371.413 .G739 20172017-06-23
Moral commerceE441 .H69 20162017-06-23
Musiqa al-kalimatPJ6307 .O87 20172017-06-23
NorthmenDL65 .H392 20162017-06-23
Pan-Asian sports and the emergence of modern Asia, 1913-1974GV649 .H84 20162017-06-23
Sourcebook in the mathematics of medieval Europe and North AfricaQA23 .S68 20162017-06-23
A time of scandalE785 .S74 20162017-06-23
Underground PetersburgDK568 .E48 20162017-06-23
Water politicsHD1691 .F454 20172017-06-23
Mars OneTL799.M3 S44 20172017-06-23
China 1927DS777.15.Z48 A313 20132017-06-23
The philosophies of Richard WagnerML410.W19 Y68 20142017-06-23
Shaper nationsJZ1313 .S534 20162017-06-21
Cents and sensibilityHB72 .M6776 20172017-06-20
For the common goodLA226 .D67 20172017-06-20
On the trail of EbolaQR359.72.G76 A3 20162017-06-20
Refugees, regionalism and responsibilityHV640 .M375 20162017-06-20
Sympathy, madness, and crimePN4888.W66 R64 20162017-06-20
Unsolved!Z104 .B33 20172017-06-20
The vanishing American adultHQ799.97.U5 S27 20172017-06-20
Non-state violent actors and social movement organizationsHM881 .N66 20172017-06-16
BioethicsR724 .H586 20172017-06-16
Beren and LúthienPR6039.O32 B47 20172017-06-16
A history of the United States in five crashesHB3722 .N39 20172017-06-15
Poetry and revelationPN1077 .H37 20172017-06-15
Campus confidentialLA227.4 .B474 20172017-06-15
The global novelPN710 .K516 20162017-06-13
Wittgenstein and the creativity of languageB3376.W564 W54388 20162017-06-13
Reporting warD798 .M67 20172017-06-13
Jerusalem without God : portrait of a cruel cityDS109.15 .C3713 20172017-06-12
Going deepVM140.H6 G65 20172017-06-12
The revolution of Robert KennedyE840.8.K4 B64 20172017-06-12
A full lifeE873 .A3 20162017-06-12
MarinerPR4479 .G85 20172017-06-12
Anatomy of terrorHV6431 .S6465 20172017-06-12
Democracy in BlackE185.615 .G548 20162017-06-12
It's my country tooUB418.W65 B448 20172017-06-12
The making of Asian AmericaE184.A75 L43 20152017-06-12
The prisoner in his palaceDS79.7 .B37 20172017-06-12
Reagan and the worldE876 .R39283 20172017-06-12
Sea powerV25 .S73 20172017-06-12
Singing, soldiering, and sheet music in America during the First World WarML3561.W3 G54 20172017-06-12
ValorPN6084.C556 C69 20032017-06-08
The civilian lives of U.S. veteransUB357 .C565 2017 v.22017-06-08
The bridgeE908 .R46 20112017-06-08
The civilian lives of U.S. veteransUB357 .C565 2017 v.12017-06-08
Deep lifeQP82 .O57 20172017-06-08
Foundations of restoration ecologyQH541.15.R45 F68 20162017-06-08
The Great War and American foreign policy, 1914-24D619 .H275 20172017-06-08
My fellow soldiersE181 .P426 20172017-06-08
Love's knowledgeBJ46 .N87 19922017-06-08
The power of networksHM742 .B75 20172017-06-08
Science communicationQ223 .D38 20162017-06-08
FuriesD214 .M37 20132017-06-07
FoundationDA130 .A45 20122017-06-07
The magic of realityQ173 .D27 20112017-06-07
D-DayD756.5.N6 D19 20042017-06-07
InferiorHQ1180 .S25 20172017-06-05
What are the arts and sciences?AZ101 .W44 20172017-06-05
Make your bedBF575.C8 M33 20172017-06-05
Will the Internet fragment?TK5105.8854 .M84 20172017-06-02
The veiled suitePR9499.3.A39 V45 20092017-05-30
The making of Black lives matterE185.615 .L393 20172017-05-30
The cultural revolution on trialKNQ42.G36 C66 20162017-05-30
Mad heart be bravePR9499.3.A39 Z8 20172017-05-26
The Cambridge companion to fiction in the Romantic periodPR858.R73 C36 20082017-05-22
On being humanBF38 .K34 20162017-05-22
America's digital armyU310 .A488 20172017-05-22
Anger and forgivenessBJ1535.A6 N87 20162017-05-22
The rhetoric of Plato's RepublicJC71 .K37 20152017-05-22
TraceE169.Z83 S38 20152017-05-22
The devil's chessboardJK468.I6 T35 20162017-05-22
Difficult womenPS3607.A985725 A6 20172017-05-18
Night sky with exit woundsPS3622.U96 A6 20162017-05-18
Autour de Bouvard et PécuchetPQ2246.B7 D4 20152017-05-17
Nunca másHV6433.A7 A74 19862017-05-16
Stories of nationPS374.P62 S76 20172017-05-16
AdcreepKF1614 .B37 20172017-05-15
Mapping my returnHV640.5.P36 A28 20162017-05-15
Medieval EuropeD117 .W53 20162017-05-15
Ice ghostsG660 .W37 20172017-05-15
London in contemporary British fictionPR830.L65 L66 20162017-05-15
Roger de MauniDC285 .M35 19702017-05-15
Academic libraries and toxic leadershipZ675.U5 O68 20172017-05-11
The new scramble for AfricaHC800 .C2654 20162017-05-11
The myths of RomeBL803 .W57 20042017-05-11
Civilization at riskHQ281 .P48 20162017-05-11
The color of lawE185.61 .R8185 20172017-05-08
Our latest longest warDS371.412 .O95 20172017-05-08
The universe in a nutshellQC174.12 .H39 20012017-05-08
The walnut trees of AltenburgPQ2625.A716 N613 19922017-05-08
The Cambridge companion to TolstoyPG3410 .C28 20022017-05-08
After freedomDT1971 .N49 20142017-05-08
The conscience of a liberalHC110.I5 K74 20092017-05-08
BornePS3572.A4284 B67 20172017-05-08
The military errorE902 .P69 20082017-05-08
Brokers of deceitDS119.7 .K4278 20132017-05-08
Doughnut economicsHB171 .R36 20172017-05-08
Calculating the cosmosQB981 .S83 20162017-05-08
The Cambridge companion to DostoevskiiPG3328.Z6 C27 20022017-05-08
China and IndiaJZ1734 .O44 20172017-05-08
The Confederate homefrontE487 .H58 20172017-05-08
Lives of the CaesarsDG277 .S83 20002017-05-08
Culinary ShakespearePR3069.F64 C85 20162017-05-08
Days of slaughterHG2040.5.U5 G38 20172017-05-08
Finding FibonacciQA29.F5 D48 20172017-05-08
The long shadowsD744 .L58 20172017-05-08
The Lowells of MassachusettsF63 .S27 20172017-05-08
Harold IIDA154.85 .R49 20052017-05-08
The only woman in the roomHQ1397 .P65 20152017-05-08
The power of economists within the stateHD87 .C479 20172017-05-08
Power without constraintJK511 .E34 20162017-05-08
Fifty major philosophersB72 .C59 19882017-05-08
Tennessee WilliamsPS3545.I5365 Z698 20162017-05-08
Power-upQA20.C65 L36 20172017-05-08
Text + fieldP301 .T44 20162017-05-08
This fight is our fightHC106.84 .W365 20172017-05-08
The U.S.-Mexican border todayF787 .G36 20162017-05-08
Using numbers in ArabicPJ6143 .A55 20132017-05-08
War & conflict in AfricaDT30.5 .W54 20162017-05-08
The Arabian nights =PJ7715 .H33 19902017-05-08
War & societyHM554 .C46 20162017-05-08
What Washington gets wrongJK421 .B25 20162017-05-08
White tearsPR6111.U68 W48 20172017-05-08
The Arabian nights.PJ7716.A1 H33 19952017-05-08
Uneasy partnershipsDS779.27 .U63 20172017-05-08
Shakespeare's philosophyPR3001 .M38 20072017-05-08
The knight who saved EnglandDA209.P4 B76 20142017-05-08
Why read the classics?PN81 .C25513 20002017-05-08
The Cambridge companion to CamusPQ2605.A3734 Z6258 20072017-05-08
WittgensteinB3376.W564 G73 19882017-05-08
Speaking in tonguesCT275.M18 A3 20172017-05-04
Transformational journeysGN21.B66 T73 20172017-05-04
USMCVE23 .M83 20022017-05-04
HaroldDA154.85 .W35 19972017-05-04
Humanitarian intelligenceHV553 .Z85 20162017-05-04
Tools of titansBF637.S8 F43 20172017-05-04
How to read and whyPN83 .B57 20002017-05-04
The forty years warJC573.2.U6 C648 20092017-05-04
The first crusadeD161.2 .A77 20042017-05-04
Classics for pleasurePN524 .D57 20072017-05-04
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Political parties and American political developmentE415.7 .H75 19922017-05-04
You are hereQB982 .P68 20092017-05-04
Bryson's dictionary of troublesome wordsPE1460 .B785 20022017-05-04
Modern conflict in the greater Middle EastDS63.123 .M63 20172017-05-04
The Hello GirlsD639.T4 C63 20172017-05-04
American facesN7593 .S28 20162017-05-04
Mughal paintingsND1002 .Q565 20162017-05-04
Telling talesPR1872 .A38 20152017-05-04
The Dome of the Rock and its Umayyad mosaic inscriptionsNA5978.J5 Q336 20162017-05-04
Military strategyU162 .E35 20172017-05-04
Interviewing as qualitative researchH61.28 .S45 20132017-04-27
El surrealismoPN56.S87 B56 20142017-04-25
LéliaPQ2406 .A4 20032017-04-25
Adaptation and appropriationPN171.A33 S26 20162017-04-24
Eroticism and other literary conventions in Chinese literaturePL2727.S2 W875 20172017-04-24
National security intelligenceJK486.I6 J64 20172017-04-24
No one is coming to save usPS3623.A887 N6 20172017-04-24
Letters on ethicsPA6665.A1 G73913 20152017-04-24
Surviving the skiesD602 .B36 20122017-04-24
Night fightersD787 .W55 20112017-04-24
American originalityPS323.5 .G59 20172017-04-21
Man's better angelsHN57 .G827 20172017-04-21
The new map of empireGA401 .E36 20172017-04-21
The invention of humanityHM821 .S778 20172017-04-21
Applied linguistics perspectives on CLILP53.293 .A66 20172017-04-21
The radium girlsHD6067.2.U6 M66 20172017-04-21
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Renaissance artists & antique sculptureNB85 .B63 20102017-04-21
EmanationsTR646.N452 B38 20162017-04-18
The idea of the Muslim worldBP52 .A94 20172017-04-18
The new geopolitics of natural gasHD9581.U52 G75 20172017-04-18
No man's landPN6071.E8 N62 20142017-04-18
The Civil War in art and memoryN386.U5 C58 20162017-04-18
A feast for the sensesN5975 .F43 20162017-04-18
Hieronymus BoschND653.B65 B8813 20162017-04-18
Queen beesDA574.A1 E93 20172017-04-18
Saints and sacred matterBV890 .S24 20152017-04-18
The first love storyBS680.L64 F45 20172017-04-17
The gatekeepersJK552 .W55 20172017-04-17
The limits of the digital revolutionHM742 .H79 20172017-04-17
Man tigerPL5089.K78 L413 20152017-04-17
OuterSpearesPR3100 .O94 20142017-04-17
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Revolution for dummiesPN1992.4.Y68 A3 20172017-04-17
ModernismNX454.5.M63 C48 20172017-04-17
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Over the topD521 .M375 20022017-04-11
CruxPS3554.I32 Z48 19992017-04-11
Shadow commanderD802.P5 G8373 20112017-04-11
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Into the viper's nestDS371.4123.M87 G74 20102017-04-11
DunkirkD756.5.D8 T48 20112017-04-11
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GoodwoodD756.5.B65 D34 20092017-04-07
Cyclops in the jungleDS559.5 .W32 20102017-04-07
Crimson skyDS920.2.U5 B78 20002017-04-07
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EarthEdGE70 .E27 20172017-03-20
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Thunder across the swampE474.1 .F74 20112017-03-15
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I had a comradeD811.A2 S25 20162017-03-15
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Decision at Tom's BrookE477.33 .M55 20162017-03-15
Multimedia performanceNX600.P47 K54 20122017-03-14
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I am not your negroE185.61 .B196 20172017-03-13
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Mothers' darlings of the South PacificDU28.1.P25 M68 20162017-03-10
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OhioF491 .M36 20162017-03-09
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PennsylvaniaF149 .P335 20162017-03-09
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Missed informationZA3157 .S27 20162017-03-09
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About abortionHQ767.15 .S26 20172017-03-09
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Their lives, their willsHQ1438.M45 P67 20152017-03-08
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A history of ancient Greece in fifty livesDF77 .S788 20142017-03-07
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India-China relationsDS450.C6 P364 20172017-03-06
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Stand your groundKF9246 .L54 20172017-03-06
PLA influence on China's national security policymakingUA837 .P57 20152017-03-06
Taiwan's China dilemmaHF1606.Z4 C653 20162017-03-06
Failure to adjustHF3031 .A598 20162017-03-02
The rise of the American conservation movementS930 .T39 20162017-03-02
John Lockwood KiplingNX547.6.K56 J65 20172017-03-02
Where science and ethics meetQ175.35 .W5513 20162017-03-02
Social media and your brainHM851 .S644 20172017-03-02
Making sense of scienceQ225 .D43 20172017-03-01
At home in the worldPN471 .D53 20172017-03-01
DrawdownUA917.U5 D73 20162017-03-01
The inkblotsRC438.6.R667 S43 20172017-03-01
Basic incomeHB846 .P37 20172017-03-01
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Tenth of DecemberPS3569.A7897 T45 20132017-02-28
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A piece of the worldPS3561.L478 P54 20172017-02-28
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Capital, coercion, and postcommunist statesHJ1213 .E27 20122016-03-15
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Title Author Date Added
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Little fires everywhereNg, Celeste,2017-09-18
Devil's bargainGreen, Joshua,2017-09-18
The late showConnelly, Michael,2017-09-18
The good peopleKent, Hannah,2017-09-18
American fireHesse, Monica,2017-09-18
The golden houseRushdie, Salman,2017-09-18
The almost sistersJackson, Joshilyn,2017-09-18
A column of fireFollett, Ken,2017-09-08
Fast falls the nightKeller, Julia,2017-08-22
Y is for yesterdayGrafton, Sue,2017-08-22
The windfallBasu, Diksha,2017-08-22
The hidden life of treesWohlleben, Peter,2017-08-22
Before we were yoursWingate, Lisa,2017-08-22
Kiss CarloTrigiani, Adriana,2017-08-22
The last TudorGregory, Philippa,2017-08-04
Paradise valleyBox, C. J.,2017-07-17
The wonderDonoghue, Emma,2017-07-11
The people we hate at the weddingGinder, Grant,2017-07-11
Rich people problemsKwan, Kevin,2017-07-11
Al Franken, giant of the SenateFranken, Al,2017-07-05
The frozen hoursShaara, Jeff,2017-06-23
The American spiritMcCullough, David G.,2017-06-19
Churchill and OrwellRicks, Thomas E.,2017-06-19
Homo deusHarari, Yuval N.,2017-06-19
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Killers of the Flower MoonGrann, David,2017-06-13
Astrophysics for people in a hurryTyson, Neil deGrasse,2017-06-13
Camino IslandGrisham, John,2017-06-05
Come sundownRoberts, Nora,2017-06-05
Into the waterHawkins, Paula,2017-06-05
In the name of the familyDunant, Sarah,2017-06-05
Anne BoleynWeir, Alison,2017-06-05
16th seductionPatterson, James,2017-06-05
Golden preySandford, John,2017-06-05
Grief cottageGodwin, Gail,2017-06-05
The shark clubTaylor, Ann Kidd,2017-06-05
The chalk pitGriffiths, Elly,2017-06-05
The fixBaldacci, David,2017-06-05
The long dropMina, Denise,2017-05-22
New boyChevalier, Tracy,2017-05-16
The women in the castleShattuck, Jessica,2017-05-16
Saints for all occasions Sullivan, J. Courtney,2017-05-09
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I found youJewell, Lisa,2017-04-21
Anything is possibleStrout, Elizabeth,2017-04-21
The lost book of the Grail, or, A visitor's guide to Barchester CathedralLovett, Charles C.,2017-04-17
Vicious circleBox, C. J.,2017-04-17
CelineHeller, Peter,2017-04-17
My not so perfect lifeKinsella, Sophie,2017-04-17
Ill willChaon, Dan,2017-04-17
A twist of the knifeMasterman, Becky,2017-04-17
Setting free the kitesGeorge, Alex,2017-04-17
The refugeesNguyen, Viet Thanh,2017-03-02
FaithfulHoffman, Alice,2017-02-08
The sleepwalkerBohjalian, Chris,2017-01-31
Little deathsFlint, Emma,2017-01-26
Right behind youGardner, Lisa,2017-01-24
The fire by nightMessineo, Teresa,2017-01-24
The patriotsKrasikov, Sana,2017-01-24
Her every fearSwanson, Peter,2017-01-24
ClassRosenfeld, Lucinda,2017-01-24
The life and times of Persimmon WilsonPeacock, Nancy,2017-01-24
Never neverPatterson, James,2017-01-16
Killing the rising sunO'Reilly, Bill,2017-01-10
When breath becomes airKalanithi, Paul,2017-01-03
The black widowSilva, Daniel,2017-01-03
Crisis of characterByrne, Gary J.,2017-01-03
The chemistMeyer, Stephenie,2017-01-03
Night schoolChild, Lee,2017-01-03
The last mileBaldacci, David,2017-01-03
History of wolvesFridlund, Emily,2017-01-03
Born a crimeNoah, Trevor,2017-01-03
The white donkeyUriarte, Maximilian,2017-01-03
Truly madly guiltyMoriarty, Liane,2017-01-03
ShakenTebow, Tim,2016-12-14
Small great thingsPicoult, Jodi,2016-12-14
Star Wars, CatalystLuceno, James,2016-12-14
HamiltonMiranda, Lin-Manuel,2016-12-14
Swing timeSmith, Zadie,2016-12-14
The whistlerGrisham, John,2016-12-14
The book of joyBstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho,2016-12-14
Storm risingSchofield, Douglas,2016-11-29
To capture what we cannot keepColin, Beatrice,2016-11-29
Out of boundsMcDermid, Val,2016-11-29
Our revolutionSanders, Bernard,2016-11-14
Star Wars AhsokaJohnston, E. K.,2016-10-31
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A gentleman in MoscowTowles, Amor,2016-10-18
Born to runSpringsteen, Bruce,2016-10-18
News of the worldJiles, Paulette,2016-10-18
The mothersBennett, Brit,2016-10-11
Broken trustGriffin, W. E. B.,2016-10-04
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The NixHill, Nathan,2016-09-16
The last days of nightMoore, Graham,2016-09-16
Rise the darkKoryta, Michael,2016-09-16
Dark matterCrouch, Blake,2016-09-16
You will know meAbbott, Megan E.,2016-09-16
Lady cop makes troubleStewart, Amy,2016-09-16
MischlingKonar, Affinity,2016-09-07
Apprentice in deathRobb, J. D.,2016-09-02
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Curious mindsEvanovich, Janet,2016-08-17
Another BrooklynWoodson, Jacqueline,2016-08-09
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DamagedScottoline, Lisa,2016-08-09
Heroes of the frontierEggers, Dave,2016-07-26
BullseyePatterson, James,2016-07-26
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FalloutTurtledove, Harry,2016-07-18
The light of ParisBrown, Eleanor,2016-07-11
Night and dayJohansen, Iris,2016-07-11
SiracusaEphron, Delia,2016-07-11
The trapRaabe, Melanie,2016-07-05
The last painting of Sara de VosSmith, Dominic,2016-07-05
The last oneOliva, Alexandra,2016-07-05
Jonathan unleashedRosoff, Meg.2016-07-05
Before the fallHawley, Noah,2016-06-27
BrightonHarvey, Michael T.,2016-06-27
I let you goMackintosh, Clare,2016-06-27
Modern loversStraub, Emma,2016-06-27
Invincible summerAdams, Alice,2016-06-27
Wolf LakeVerdon, John,2016-06-27
The art of warCoonts, Stephen,2016-06-27
End of watchKing, Stephen,2016-06-27
Lilac girlsKelly, Martha Hall,2016-06-27
I'm thinking of ending thingsReid, Iain,2016-06-27
Sex ObjectValenti, Jessica,2016-06-27
BarkskinsProulx, Annie,2016-06-27
The girlsCline, Emma,2016-06-27
The nestSweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix,2016-06-27
The summer before the warSimonson, Helen,2016-06-27
Redemption roadHart, John,2016-06-27
Did you ever have a familyClegg, Bill,2016-06-27
The noise of timeBarnes, Julian,2016-05-11
The woman in blueGriffiths, Elly,2016-05-11
Miller's ValleyQuindlen, Anna,2016-04-06
The road to Little DribblingBryson, Bill,2016-03-01
Even dogs in the wildRankin, Ian,2016-02-09
The lake houseMorton, Kate,2015-12-15
The bazaar of bad dreamsKing, Stephen,2015-11-05
A knight of the Seven KingdomsMartin, George R. R.,2015-11-04
The girls of Mischief BayMallery, Susan,2015-02-23
The greatest knightAsbridge, Thomas S.,2014-12-09
BetrayedScottoline, Lisa,2014-11-18
The silver starWalls, Jeannette.2013-06-10
The stormCussler, Clive.2012-05-22
House of the huntedMills, Mark,2012-04-12
Title Call Number Date Added
A man called Ove =PN1997.2 .M357 20162017-09-18
LoganPN1997.2 .L643 20172017-09-18
Syria after the missile strikesY 4.F 76/1:115-272017-08-01
The good GermanPN1995.9.S87 G663 20072017-07-28
Guardians of the galaxyPN1997.2 .G83 20142017-06-30
Star wars.PN1997.2 .S739 20052017-06-30
Victoria.PN1992.77 .V558 20172017-06-13
20th century womenPN1997.2 .A15 20172017-06-06
X-Men.PN1997.2 .X646 20162017-06-02
MoonlightPN1997.2 .M67 20172017-06-02
La La LandPN1997.2 .L3 20172017-05-30
Survivorman.GV200.5 .S87 20112017-05-30
Hidden figuresPN1997.2 .H53 20172017-05-26
Rogue OnePN1997.2 .R65 20172017-05-16
Fantastic beasts and where to find themPN1997.2 .F368 20172017-05-15
Captain AmericaPN1997.2 .C38 20162017-05-11
GunsTS533 .G86 20132017-03-29