Group Study Sessions

GSS are led by one or two upperclass cadets who earned a B or better in the course at VMI. The leaders work with a faculty member who does not attend the session but does serve as a resource and support by communicating with the leaders after each session to review what was covered, help with any questions the leaders have, etc.  The sessions are free, and no registration is necessary.

The MAC also offers "GSS+" which includes faculty in a more substantive way.  A faculty member from the department serves as a mentor to the cadet leaders, attends each weekly session, and assists the cadet leaders in planning the session.  Faculty members interested in learning more about this program should contact Lt. Col. McKelvey at

GSS Cadet Leaders’ responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lead the Group Study Session discussion and activities related to material for specific course,
  • Acquire from the faculty member a copy of the current syllabus and any other relevant materials or information,
  • Be prepared and provide support to attending cadets that is in keeping with the faculty’s instructions so as not to commit any Honor Code violation,
  • Model effective student behavior and share study strategies to enhance cadets’ academic performance for that course,
  • Know when and how to refer any cadets to post resources for additional assistance and support,
  • Attend every weekly GSS unless absence is approved by MAC staff,
  • Take attendance of each session  by recording the name and email address of all cadets present,
  • Email the Miller Academic Center within 24 hours after each GSS with the attendance and summary information,
  • Participate in any assessment of the program by the MAC in a timely manner,
  • Notify the Miller Academic Center as soon as possible about any inability to meet with the GSS for that week so participating cadets can be notified accordingly, and
  • Attend MAC Cadet Assistant and FERPA training.


  • At least a 2.5 overall Grade Point Average (GPA),
  • Earned a “B” or better in the GSS course at VMI,
  • Name and contact information of two academic references
    • At least one VMI faculty member from the GSS department must serve in this capacity
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills and a positive attitude.

Anyone serving in this role can either do so voluntarily or as a cadet assistant with compensation of $10.00 an hour. GSS Leaders will be compensated for their training time. Completion of appropriate paperwork with Human Resources and the Miller Academic Center is required. 

If interested and qualified, email the following information to the Miller Academic Center ( 

1. Name

2. Name and contact information of two professional reference (At least one of the references should be a faculty member from the GSS department)

3. Why do you want to serve in this leadership position?

4. What skills, experiences, etc. would you bring to this position?  

5. Faculty and staff are asked to talk to cadets whom they consider strong candidates for this position and encourage them to apply!

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