High School Preparation

The unique program elements at VMI are something every prospective cadet should know and understand.  VMI wants all new cadets to succeed, and to do so they must be physically and mentally prepared.

Applicants need 16 academic units that must include four English, two algebra, and one geometry (a second language is recommended, but not required). This distribution is desirable but not required. Scholarship and walk-on athletes are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center for determining eligibility. Obtain a Student Release Form from your counselor.

HS Curriculum Recommendations

English:  4 units
Algebra:  2 units
Geometry:  1 unit
Advanced Math:  1 unit
Social Studies:  3 units
Lab Science:  3 units
Language:  3 years of 1 or 2 years of 2
Electives:  2 units

TOTAL:  19 -20  

Class Profile

Institutional Profile