Henry H. Dedrick Civil War Papers
Letter, 1862 January 9 & 12

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Date: 1862 Jan 9 & 12
Place: Alleghany Camp Tip Top

Dear Wife-

I take this opportunity this morning as I have time to inform you that I am well at present and I hope when these few lines comes to hand that they may find you and your sweet little boy enjoying good health and all of my friends the same.

We have a great deal of sickness here at this time. James Lewis is very low with the erysipelas. He had the sore throat in the first place, he is very low. His face and head is swollen up, that his eyes was nearly shut and his face is a s black on one side as it can be, but he is a little better this morning, but I hardly think he will get over it. William Offlighter is not very well at this time. All the rest of the creek boys is well.

Hiram Coyner & Wright is out of the guard house. They only was in the guard house 12 days. They did not punish them any but kept them in the guard house at night and made them work in the day under a guard. Little Tommy Offlighter sends his love to you all. He has been well. We have bad weather here, we had some snow this week and it is raining here this morning and it is very foggy too, but it is not as cold here as I thought it would be out here in the mountain.

Jan 12.
Dear Lizza I will send you a few more lines. I wrote some of this a few days ago and I have been at work on a regular detail. We have to walk five miles morning and evening. We are making clapboards. I don't have to stand picket or do any other duty as long as I am on a regular detail.

It is very warm this morning. We are all well this morning. Mr. Lewis is better. Mr. Grass has been very sick, he has been sick two or three weeks but he is on the mend. Dear Lizza I received the [word omitted by author]you sent by Dr. Drummons yesterday and all the rest of the things which was ten apples and twenty cakes and the sausage and the hickory nuts that you put in my pants pocket. Tell mother and Amanda and Carry that I am much obliged to them for their kindness and I got the bottle of whiskey. James McDaniel give it to me but did not tell me who sent it to me, but I think you sent it to me. I was very glad to get them and also I am much obliged to you for them. I have not seen Dr. yet. I had no chance. Mr. McDaniel [said] to me last night if I wanted to send you a letter that I had better write last night, but I didn't have no candle. I send my pants back. I will tell more the next letter as I have no time. Give my love to all. Nothing more but reamin you affectionate husband until death
Henry H. Dedrick

To his Dear Wife, Good by, write soon