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Letter, 1862 June 8

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Date: 1862 June 8
Place: Camp near Port Republic, Virginia

My Dear Wife-
I take this opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know how and where I am. I am well at this time and I hope these few lines may find you and the boy enjoying the same blessing of health.

We are two miles below Port Republic at this time, but I don't know how long we will stay here and I do not know where we will go. Some thinks we will go to Staunton, but it is hard to tell where we will go. The Yankees is between us and Harrisonburg. They have been following us pretty close, but we have not been very bad scared yet. Our brigade had a little fight last Sunday on the right had side of Strassburg. We had one wounded in our regt. and three of Capt. Lusk's artillerymen they was wounded by one of his own [firings]. I don't know how many the yankees lost.

Last Friday our brigade was in the rear to cover the retreat about two miles this side of Harrisonburg. The yankee cavalry run up on Ashby's cavalry and fired on them. Ours returned the fire and then charged on them and took 52 of their cavalrymen prisoner. On Col., one Maj., two Capt., and two killed. We had one wounded and he was a Major. Ashby run them back within two miles of town and then he sent for us to assist him. We turn back and went two miles back along the road and then flanked out to the right through a strip of woods and went about one mile.

The 44th, 58th VA and the 1st Maryland Regts. was before our Regt. and they seen the yankees coming round to flank us, and the 58th laid down in the brush and as they come up they fired on them and the yankees was so much confused they wheeled and run back apiece and then they turned and fired on our men and we had a hot time of it for a little while, but we drove them back with three small Regt. Our Regt. was not engaged in it. There was about ten thousand of the yankees. Our loss was 75 killed and wounded. General Ashby was killed in the first of the engagement. I don't know how many the yankees lost, but from all accounts their loss was great. I expect the yankees got a good many of our men from Winchester up to Harrisonburg men that was broken down. We have taken 3.2.12. prisoners since we have been in hte valley.

I have more news but I have not the time to write. I have been down within a quarter of a mile of Charles Town. The health of the soldiers is very good. Hiram Coiner is well and so is Mr. Lewis. Hiram come to us last Tuesday below New Market. None of the rest of the boys that ran off have come back but Hiram. They haven't done anything with him yet. I don't know what they will do with him.

Dear Lissa I would be very glad to see you and the little boy at this time and also the rest of my friends. Give my love to all inquiring friends if there be any, but accept a great portion for your self. May god bless you all and save you all.
From your affectionate husband. H. H. D. M. E. D.

Josiah Balsley is well and sends his love to you all. I received the letter you wrote on the 23 and I sent an answer but I have not heard from it. WRite as soon as you can. God bye for this time.