Henry H. Dedrick Civil War Papers
Letter, undated

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Dedrick to his wife
Date: undated fragment
Place: unknown

Dear Lissa-

You said in your letter that the little boy weighed 28 lbs. I don't think he has gained much. I want you to kiss him for me as I don't have no chance to kiss him myself and when you kiss him think of me. I weighed some three weeks ago and I only weighed one hundred and seventy eight and William Offlighter weighed 177. There was but one pound between us. Well I must bring my. William Offlighter sends his love to you all also Hiram Coyner. Give my love to all. I heard that they had sent for Gerard and David Gray. I thank god that they have not had the chance to send for me. I thank the lord for his kindness towards me that he has give me good health. If I don't meet you on earth I hope to meet you in heaven above where parting will be no more. I must close for this time. Please excuse me for this time. Write soon. So nothing more but remain your affectionate husband until death.

Henry H. Dedrick To his devoted wife. Here is a ring for you that I made for you. It is the first...