Superintendent Francis H. Smith
Incoming Correspondence, Jan. 25, 1864

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This letter is referenced in Smith's letter to A. W. McDonald, dated May 6, 1864Francis H. Smith, circa 1862

10 Waffling, Liverpool,
25th January, 1864
To the Right Honorable, the Secretary of War,
Confederate States of America
Richmond, Virginia

Having read in some of the English papers that a flag is kept permanently hoisted over the grave of the late lamented General Stonewall Jackson, may I beg your acceptance of one I send with this letter to replace the one now in use when it shall have become worn out, as some slight expression of my admiration for the character and heroism of General Jackson, and also of my best wishes for the success of the Confederacy.
I remain, sir, with much respect,
Yours obediently,
Hugh Sheddon