Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1849 April 27

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Date: 1849 April 27
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Ft. Hamilton, NY
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Fort Hamilton N.Y. Harbor April 27th 1849

Dear Sister

Owing to a desire to secure some catalogs for Mr. Arnold, I have mot written earlier. Yesterday, I went to Harper and Brothers Book store; but he had none on hand; but said that he would have in a few days. I obtained one from Appleton's Book establishment and shall forward it by the same mail as this letter. It do not contain all his books, when I shall have obtained one from Harper, I shall also forward it. And if Mr. Arnold shall want any books that may not be found in either of them, let me know what ones they are, and I believe that I can find it in some part of the city.

Your request had not yet been complied with, but I rely on your generosity of character; as my strength has forbid much exercise, and especially walking on the hard pavements of N.Y. city. But I am improving in both flesh and strength and I hope in health also. I am now under the care of one of the first medical men of N.Y. city. I have lately commenced visiting more frequently, and every few evenings receive an invitation to some social party. Yesterday whilst walking through the city, I thought of the pleasure which I would derive from sharing the contemplations of its beauties and wonders with you. Naturally I recalled to mind, and applied to N.Y. what the Frenchman asserted of Paris, when he said that when a man had seen Paris, that he had seen all the world.

In New York may be found all most anything which the inclinations may desire; but peaceful quiet: every thing is in motion, every thing is alive with animation. In its busy throng, none feel the long tedious hour; even the invalid for the time forgets his infirmities, and with wondering admiration contemplates the surrounding scene.

Frequently you are the subject of my thoughts, and if you were only within reach of rapid communication would receive more frequent visits. The weather is moderating here.

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