Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1852 February 21

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Date: 1852 February 21
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia (VMI)
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V.M. Institute
Lexington, Va.
February 21st 1852
My Dear Sister,

Your welcome letter including that of our cousin, has been received, and with no small regret do I consider your past afflictions, but we are all the children of suffering sorrow in this world. Whilst it has many pleasures, it is not, nor will not be divested of its cares. Amid affliction, let us hope for happiness. But divest us of hope and how miserable would we be! It has never forsaken me, nor in my humble opinion, never will. However dark the night, I am cheered with an anticipated glorious and luminous morrow. May such ever be your happy lot. No earthly calamity can shake my hope in the future, so long as God is my friend, and on this subject I expect to have a long conversation with you next summer. I feel ashamed of having not written to you earlier, but even now I am debtor a number of letters in other quarters, which in time, have the preference, but my conscience will not be troubled at this species of fraud.

I am glad that cousin stopped with you. I received a letter from cousin Sylvanus White recently in which he states that his location is in Missouri, but for the future, he can not say to what quarter his steps will be directed.

My health has improved. What do you propose doing next summer during my visit. I suppose that plans you have in abundance. How is the family: give my regards to all individually. Tell Thomas that I should like to have him with me sometimes very much & that he must be at home the next time that I visit him. Remember me to all inquiring friends and relatives. How is Cousin John White and Aunt White.

Your Brother,

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