Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1853 April 15

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Date: 1853 April 15
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington Rockbridge County, Va.
April 15th 1853
My Dear Sister,

Our spring is opening beautifully, though it is said to be late. I wish that I could only be with you this evening, ah! Not this evening only, but many evenings. I am invited to a large party to night and among the scramble, expect to come in for my share of fun. My health is still improving and in a few months through the blessing of an all kind providence, I hope to be well, at least so much as people usually are.

I wish that you would send me by the return mail the daguerreotype which I had taken in New York after having shaved. The one with the beard on, was taken at New Orleans soon after my return from Mexico. This last one I wish you to keep safely as I prize it highly. If you remember, I gave you two others one being taken with a stern countenance, and the other with a smile, it is the smiling one which I want and don't fail to send it well enveloped, by the first mail. If you wish it to be returned, I will try and do so in a few months or else a better one in its stead; as I think your brother is a better looking man than he was when that was taken. It may be that you have not got the one which I had taken with the beard on, if not it is lost. I am anxious to get Father's, in order to have a facsimile of it taken, but do not trust it to the mail. I believe you let Cousin Harriet have the grim looking one, which I gave you, ungrateful girl that she is. I am going to write to her in a few days such a letter as such conduct in a pretty cousin merits.

I hope that you are out of bed, and able to enjoy the comforts of domestic life. Kiss the children and tell them a great many things such as their uncle would tell him were he in their company.

Remember me very kindly to Mr. A. and to all the family and to all enquiring relatives & friends. Should any person be coming here, I would be glad to get my Blair's Rhetoric.

Your brother, Thomas

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