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Date: 1854 Spring
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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This letter contains a reference to Jackson's application for a professorship at the University of Virginia. He did not receive the appointment.

V.M. Institute
Lexington, Va.
My Dear Sister,

I have in vain waited for your reply to several letters; if you can not write barely enclose me your card or anything to tell me that you are still among the living. Doctor White left your presents for me with a friend of mine and they have come safely to hand and for which I am much obliged. I regret that he did not call and see me or at least let me know of his being in town in order to give me an opportunity of seeing him and it would have given me an opportunity of returning father's miniature. I have not seen Mr. Tanner since he passed through Beverly; but I suppose that he delivered to you some books for Thomas.

Tell Mrs. Hilley that I have not been able to get anything for her as yet, but that the necessary steps have been taken and that we must await the result which she shall be made acquainted with.

I am a candidate for the Professorship of Mathematics in the University of Va. I am well pleased with my present position, yet the other is more desirable both by reason of its being more prominent, and its being about three thousand dollars. The professor is elected by the Board of Visitors for the University of Va.

We have had some very cold weather here during the past few days but at present it is very fine.

My wife has had the left side of her face partially [paralyzed]1

Your brother, Thomas

P.S. Remember me very kindly to Mr. A. and to all the family and inquiring relations and friends. T.J.J.

1Elinor Jackson was suffering from facial neuralgia.

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