Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1855 June 1

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Date: 1855 June 01
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
June 1st, 1855
My Dear Sister,

Day before yesterday, I received a letter from Wirt written, at Uncle Alfred's. he says that his health had improved and that he ploughed nearly all the preceding day. He also stated that there is a school a short distance below the Island, and that he wants to go to school there when his health is sufficiently reestablished. He says that he likes Mr. Arnold "very much" and that you treated him "like a brother." I am pleased with his letter, and if he continues at Uncle Alfred's, I want to visit him this summer. I should not for a moment suspect from his composition that his mind was injured. He speaks plainly and sensibly.

I hope that before this, you have recovered at least the usual use of your eyes and that all things are moving on pleasantly. How is Thomas getting along with his studies?

This a rainy day here, but is rather brighter that it was early in the morning. I have received the railing for dear Ellie's grave and this summer expect to take steps for the Tomb stones to be brought from Philadelphia. I intend to have them of Italian marble. The iron railing is neat and when I put it up it will be about three feet high.

Pure and lovely companion of my happier days, I feel that she has entered upon the blissful enjoyment of which the human mind cannot have a clear conception. Ere many long years roll by I hope to be with her, where there will be no more separation. We loved each other on Earth and shall that love be diminished in eternity I do not believe it, but on the contrary will be greatly enhanced. Had I one request on Earth to ask in accordance with my own feelings and apart from duty it would be that I might join her before the close of another day after this. I have many pleasures here, but I believe that there are greater in reserve beyond this life.

If you want me to bring any thing in July, let me know in your next.

Give me love to all the family & to all inquiring relatives & friends.

Your affectionate brother,
T.J. Jackson

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