Parents Council

The Parents Council provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and information between parents, cadets and Institute officials; creates an organization to formulate and administer plans and projects; brings the parents of cadets into closer association with VMI; aids in the growth and development of the VMI Foundation; and assists the Institute in providing for the welfare and development of cadets. Members of the Council are selected from parents of cadets in the upper three classes.

The Parents Council is overseen by the President and the Vice President-Elect. There are four main committees in the Council: Activities, Communications, Society of Friends and Family and Recruiting.

Ray and Michelle Lancaster
John Lancaster - Class of 2017

Co-Vice Presidents:
John and Donna Pernot 
Nathan Pernot - Class of 2018

Activities Chair:

John & Cindy Borchick
John Borchick - Class of 2017

Activities Co-Vice Chairs

Dennis & Barbara Carter
Ethan Zebron - Class of 2016

Communications Co-Vice Chair:

Alison Ahmed
Zach Regen - Class of 2017

Society of Friends and Family Chairs:

Randy & Debbie de Steuben
Chris de Steuben - Class of 2016

Recruiting Co-Chairs:

Tynan & Debbie Dawson
Emily Dawson – Class of 2017

Recruiting Vice-Chairs:

Melissa and Marc Nobile
Emma Nobile - Class of 2017