Crime Prevention

It is the goal of VMI Police Department to promote safety and security for all members of the VMI community through a comprehensive plan of Crime Prevention. We encourage all cadets, employees and visitors to be aware of their responsibility for their own security and the security of others.

If you have questions or would like training for your department, contact us at 540-464-7017.

Security Surveys
Often crime and safety risks are directly linked to the environment. Physical structures can generate or eliminate crime. When properly addressed through the premise of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Target Hardening, a process of increasing the difficulty of success for the criminal through the use of security devices, opportunities for crime can be greatly reduced. VMI Police Department has trained staff able to conduct on-site security surveys of VMI facilities and residences to identify areas of weakness and suggest corrective measures.

Student Escort Services
Several VMI cadet parking lots are located some distance from the Barracks and Main Post. Cadets who have concerns about walking to or from these parking lots after dark can call VMI Police Department to request a ride.

Operation Identification
Operation Identification is a program that helps to deter theft and to facilitate the safe return of stolen property. VMI Police Department has an engraving tool that is available to cadets and staff to engrave identifying marks or numbers into personal property. VMI Police Department also has a property ID database where serial numbers and other descriptors can be entered to aid us in recovering items that may be lost or stolen.

Crisis Intervention Team
As with members of any community, VMI is sometimes faced with disruptions from troubled cadets or visitors. All VMI Police officers are certified members of the local Crisis Intervention Team. They have received specialized training in how to appropriately address and intervene with individuals in crisis. Timely and appropriate intervention can often prevent an incident with emotional or psychological roots from developing into a criminal or disciplinary situation.

Relationship Violence/Stalking
Relationship violence and stalking are problems on every college campus, and VMI is not immune from this issue. Awareness and intervention programs are the most effective way to prevent unhealthy relationships from developing and to empower victims to seek assistance. VMI Police Department is an active participant in education programs for cadets. Printed materials are available at VMI Police Department and from VMI Police officers. Detective Hunt is specially trained in the investigation of intimate partner violence and stalking and is available any time to answer questions from cadets or staff and to assist those who find themselves in need. VMI Police Department works to empower victims by providing information and access to support services, by conducting thorough investigations and criminally charging perpetrators of these offenses and by encouraging victims to take an active role in the development of strategies to ensure a positive outcome for their unique situation.