Life on Post

If leadership may be defined as the ability to organize and effectively direct one's own time and energies and to aid others to do the same, then the life of a cadet is a real as opposed to an imaginary experience in applied leadership.

Accordingly, success within the challenging VMI system requires the development of leadership abilities, qualities that have been most favorably noted by employers of our graduates.

Career opportunities are especially open to those who have demonstrated the capacity to work hard to achieve worthy goals. 

Cadet Government

Cadets learn leadership by directly leading various elements of the Institute — the Corps of Cadets, the Honor Court, the Class System, various ROTC units.

Cadet Government

Barracks Life

Barracks is the focal point of a cadet's life at VMI, and the fact that all cadets live under one roof facilitates student government and helps promote and strengthen ties of friendship.

More about Barracks Life

Clubs and Organizations

VMI has a variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities to suit all sorts of interests. In addition there are several Institute hosted social events throughout your four years at VMI.

Clubs and Organizations

Auxiliary Services

From haircuts and laundry, to computing and counseling, VMI provides a number of services to support the corps of cadets.

Cadet Services

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