Life on Post

The Barracks is the focal point of a cadet's life at VMI, and the fact that all cadets are required to live under one roof facilitates student government and helps promote and strengthen ties of friendship.

Rooms are furnished sparingly but with essential equipment, and three, four, five or six cadets share a room. They have equal responsibility for keeping the room clean and in order for daily inspection.

Personal items authorized in cadet rooms vary by class. For example, only first class cadets may keep civilian clothes in their rooms. New cadets until the completion of the Ratline may not keep electrical equipment, such as razors, radios, and video game systems. If personal items are brought to VMI and found to be unauthorized, limited storage space for these items is provided until such time as they are authorized.

The Corps' does enjoy several social events throughout the year such as movie nights, concerts, the Midwinter Formal, Ring Figure Weekend, Homecoming Hop, the Cadet Ski Trip, and Trick or Treat in the Barracks

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