Entering VMI

The main entrance to VMI for Matriculation will be through Jordan's Point. Follow the signs on Route 11. Baggage must be unloaded by 1:30 p.m.  Room assignments will be provided at matriculation processing in Cameron Hall. 

Matriculation coverage begins Saturday, August 19 at 2 p.m.

VMI Livestream

Matriculation is the day you report to VMI’s Cameron Hall to register for classes and sign the matriculation book. You will also receive company and room assignments, a laundry number and the uniforms that will be worn throughout the first week of training. After matriculating, you can move your belongings into barracks, attend the Matriculation Fair and have lunch with your family in Crozet Hall.

After you say “good-bye” to your family and form up with your company for the first time, you will march into barracks to meet your cadre. Fourteen upper-class cadets from each company known as “cadre” are responsible for the training rats undergo to become VMI cadets. Collectively you are known as a rat mass. You will not earn the status of fourth class cadet until after breakout.

Meeting cadre is the first in a long series of events designed to train and test you as you prepare for assuming the responsibilities of cadetship. During cadre week, you will participate in numerous training activities, get your rat haircut, engage in daily physical fitness routines, learn about the history of VMI, and become familiar with the requirements of cadet life. During the week, you will also purchase academic books, so ensure funds are available. Cadre week concludes with an event called the rat crucible.