Prepare Leaders

In the 21st century, that ideal means funds are needed to encourage commissioning as well as provide for tactical officers to guide the class and regimental systems, and more support must be garnered for modern military and fitness training facilities and club and intramural sports programs.


Club and Intramural Sports

The concept “Every cadet an athlete, every athlete a cadet” is reflected in VMI’s strong program of club and intramural sports, which allows cadets to experience the thrill of athletic competition, learn the habits of lifelong fitness, and nurture the traits of effective leadership.

Military Facilities

First-rate facilities are necessary to advance the Institute’s strong military training program – which builds cadets’ courage and confidence and helps them as leaders – as well as to support VMI’s esteemed ROTC program.

Fitness Facilities

VMI is committed to offering top fitness training to the entire Corps. Support will ensure that facilities are well-equipped and well-maintained, ready for training, instruction, and personal fitness.

ROTC and Commissioning Scholarships

These scholarships help the Institute attract, retain, and reward the young people who seek to serve the nation, perpetuating VMI’s proud citizen-soldier tradition.

Corps Accountability

A well-staffed team of training, advising, and counseling (TAC) officers will help cadets develop integrity and self-discipline and help them learn the responsibilities and rewards of leadership.