Campaign Progress as of June 30, 2017

The Campaign has achieved its initial goal. However, this campaign has never been about a number. It is about giving all who care about the Institute the opportunity to help ensure a brilliant future for it. The work of the campaign, therefore, continues.


Campaign Goal

As the Institute celebrates 175 years of the VMI spirit, it has embarked on a Campaign with the largest goal in VMI's history - because indeed, VMI's uncommon purpose is one worth preserving for not just the next 25 years, but the next 175. 

$ 225 M

Our Progress

VMI donors have accomplished great things. It is our hope that all who believe in its mission will come together to secure VMI's brilliant future. 

$ 344.1 M

Our Donors

VMI does not shy away from tough challenges. Young and old, alumni and parent, friend and foundation, corporation and cadet - thank you to all Campaign donors. The number of donors who are investing in VMI's future: