Why VMI Matters

In 1839, Virginia Military Institute set an uncommon course in American education: seeking not only to build the intellect of each cadet, but also to shape the character and the spirit of them, too.  The purpose was to prepare these young people for long lives of honorable service and principled leadership.  Today, through its rigorous military system, strong academics, forthright honor system, and a robust athletic program, the Institute still holds to that purpose.

The challenges of the 21st century are complex. Many of them are yet unknown. But the core values that VMI stands for – honor, character, and service – will be vital to meeting those challenges.

And so will your support.

The campaign for VMI is comprehensive.  It offers you the opportunity to play a role in providing a world-class education for leaders of the 21st century, training young people in the ideal of the citizen-soldier, shaping character through the competition of intercollegiate athletics, and preserving the Institute’s rich historical legacy and famed alumni network.

It offers you the opportunity to step forward and participate in this most honorable of endeavors.

VMI matters because the world needs the citizen-soldiers only VMI can produce. Read more about the traits of the VMI cadet instilled through VMI's uncommon educational experience.