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Internship Considerations

Ten years ago an internship was nice to have as a credit toward future employment. 

Five years ago it gave a decided competitive edge in the candidate selection process. 

Today having an internship experience is a necessity in securing competitive job opportunities!

How may cadets benefit?

  • Internships can be a volunteer or paid experience
  • Internships can allow for extra college credit
  • This is a great chance to see how the “working world” operates
  • You gain a much greater understanding of a particular employers work environment
  • You can develop important skills to help you succeed in your future
  • You ad great skills to your resume, making you competitive in the job search
  • You can evaluate an employer before signing for a full-time job
  • An internship might lead to a full-time job offer at the end
  • Employers seek to hire candidates with work experience in their background

How may employers benefit?

  • Employers will often use an internship as an extended interview to examine candidates for future employment.
  • Employers get a chance to really check out the intern and if they see the intern as a good “fit”, can offer a full-time job at the end.
  • Employers gain summer assistance with projects or short focused objectives.

Below are a few considerations when looking into the possibility as a 2nd or 3rd Class Cadet at VMI:

  • What is the duration of the Internship?  (in other words, will it last the entire summer, or only part of the summer?) What are the weekly hours worked?
  • Is the internship paid or not paid?
  • Is the internship for credit or no credit?
  • Are there housing arrangements for the internship if it’s not near my hometown?
  • How would you describe the internship?

REMEMBER:  The key to a successful use of internships is to start the process as early as possible in your cadetship!!  Internships are recommended for summer employment between either your 3rd and 2nd class years, or your 2nd and 1st class years.