International Studies and Political Science

Today the world is growing steadily more interdependent. Even the most powerful nations cannot exist by themselves, indifferent to developments beyond their borders. In political, military, diplomatic, and cultural terms, the fate of one country is bound up with the fate of all. As a result, there is a growing need for college graduates who are able to understand international affairs with a much greater depth, complexity and subtlety. The VMI Department of International Studies and Political Science offers a most demanding interdisciplinary major with an accessible and motivated faculty. 

The IS Department believes in graduating cadets who are politically, economically and culturally fluent in all the regions of the globe: foreign study and foreign language competence are encouraged and emphasized as critical parts of the degree program. The Department epitomizes VMI's commitment to being a 'teaching institution': the IS faculty is widely recognized for serving the interests of its majors, both within the classroom and without. An IS degree is especially suited for those seeking careers in foreign affairs, international business, federal government, law, and the military.

Cadets graduating with an international studies major will be well prepared to compete for places in the most prestigious graduate programs in the country and across the globe, whether they be in international studies, political science, or other liberal arts curricula. Becoming an IS major means you become an engaged citizen of the global community, fully adapted to the unique challenges facing the modern world.