SURI Goals, Eligibility, and Requirements

  • To create long-lasting professional relationships between cadets and faculty
  • To enable cadets to explore and further develop their academic interests outside of regular course work
  • To help cadets clarify career goals
  • To prepare cadets for graduate study and professional careers
  • To expose cadets to all parts of the research process
  • To sharpen critical thinking and creative problem solving skills
  • To expose cadets to research in a variety of disciplines

Eligibility and Requirements

Each cadet participating in the SURI program must:

  1. Have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be in good academic standing by the beginning of SURI 2015.
  2. Complete all required forms prior to the beginning of the SURI Program.
  3. Pay any additional summer school fees not covered by SURI (such as housing, meal plans, parking, or late fees).
  4. Submit his or her final research paper, following the discipline-specific format template provided on the SURI website, electronically to Leslie Joyce by June 19, 2015 for first SURI session only or July 23, 2015 for second SURI session.
  5. Receive approval from the Human Subjects and Animal Use Committee prior to the commencement of the research, if the research involves human or animal subjects.  A copy of this approval must be submitted to the V-CUR office prior to the commencement of the research.
  6. Conduct his or her research primarily at VMI or an approved site off-post during the time of the 2015 summer sessions.

Preference will be given to proposed research projects that span both summer sessions. However, the Summer Institute will also consider proposals for research conducted during just one summer session if the project can reasonably be completed during one summer session.

In addition to their SURI-supported research course, a cadet may only enroll in one additional 3-credit hour course per summer session with the permission of the SURI faculty mentor. The cadet is responsible for the tuition of this additional summer school course.

Your award is dependent upon your successful completion of the program.  If you fail to meet the program requirements listed above, by the dates listed above, you will not receive your full SURI monetary award.

Research Awards

Cadets/mentors participating in SURI during both summer sessions receive a $3000 stipend. Cadets/mentors participating in just one summer session receive a $ 1500 stipend. Faculty members are limited to receiving only one stipend per session.

Cadets may receive up to 6 hours of free academic research credit for conducting research during both sessions and up to 3 hours of free academic research credit if they are participating in just one session. Additional information regarding the number of free academic credits received can be obtained from the faculty mentor working with the cadet on the SURI project or from the department head of the department in which the research is conducted.

Room and Board: Cadets will be required to pay for their own room and board.

Proposal Instructions

The format provided below should be used for proposals for awards from the Summer Institute. Each cadet is required to submit an original proposal (even if the individual cadet is part of a team). The proposal should be written by the cadet and then reviewed by the faculty mentor and revised accordingly.

The format for proposals is:

1. Completed on-line application form available on SURI website

2. A detailed description of proposed research project

3. A schedule for project completion (leading to completion of paper by the end of the summer school session)

4. VMI and other facilities to be used

5. Statement of support from the faculty member, discussing the cadet’s ability to conduct and complete this research, the importance and originality of the project.

6. Endorsement from the department chair


Submission Deadline:

Friday, February 13, 2015

via the online submission form

The statement from the mentor should be submitted separately in electronic format to Ms. Patricia Hardin at

The Summer Undergraduate Research Institute supports the V-CUR goals by providing a structured program and financial support for research projects conducted during the summer at VMI. 

Example Applications from previous years:

NOTE: It is not possible to insert an image into the SURI application. Please submit any images directly to Ms. Hardin ( as an attachment to an email. Please ensure that the attachment includes the name of the student and the name of his or her proposal.