The VMI Call Center

In Fiscal Year 2016, the cadets who work at the VMI Call Center raised more than $683,000 from VMI alumni and friends. Accepting gifts and pledges by credit card, check, and EFT, they contact alumni and friends Monday through Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. year-round. They also call donors in order to thank them for their generous support of VMI and its cadets.

These cadets, who receive a salary, must retain an acceptable GPA, and their employment must be approved by the Commandant’s staff and the Dean’s office. They are leaders in their respective classes and within the Corps as a whole.

While Call Center's primary purpose is to seek financial support of the Institute's academic, athletic, military, and cadet life programs, it also provides cadets with opportunities to connect with those who came before them in Barracks and allows alumni to strengthen their bonds with the Corps of Cadets and the broader VMI Family.

So, when VMI calls, please answer and take a few moments to speak with one of our cadets.

Gifts can be made to VMI through the Call Center by credit card, check, or Electronic File Transfer. We also work with donors to ensure we capture matching gifts.

  • Credit Card: Donors may give to VMI by credit card through a safe and secure process. The cadet caller will ask only for the credit card’s type, number, and expiration date, and the donor’s name as it appears on the card.
  • Pledge: Alumni and friends of VMI are encouraged to make a pledge if they prefer to give by mail. The VMI Foundation will send a statement with free postage, which can be used to send back a check or provide credit card information.
  • Electronic File Transfer: Cadet callers also have the ability to set up a payment directly through a bank account. The cadet will ask only for the bank name, the account number, and the routing number. This information is entered through a safe and secure database.
  • Matching Gifts: When making a gift, please provide employer information so the cadet can work with you to set up a matching gift to double or triple the contribution.

Cadet callers have the ability to designate a gift in honor or memory of someone at your request. They can also designate your money for numerous funds around post, including scholarships, athletic teams, and academic departments.

Cadets call VMI alumni and friends across the nation. They reach out both to donors who have supported VMI in the past and to non-donors to provide them with the opportunity to support the Corps. Members of the Institute Society and those wishing to join can renew their membership over the phone. Cadets also contact the parents of current and former cadets to provide them with the opportunity of joining The Society of VMI Family and Friends. This society was established in order to provide opportunities for alumni and non-alumni to become engaged with the life of the Institute and to help foster the ideals and traditions of the Institute.

Prior to class reunions, the Call Center, in conjunction with class agents, contacts alumni to gain support for their class’s reunion fund.

At the beginning of each semester, cadet callers make calls to thank those who have supported the Institute in the past and answer questions about recent activities on post and within the Corps of Cadets.

For questions or concerns about calls expected or received, contact

Franklin D. Van Valkenburg '13
Call Center Manager
Phone: 540-464-7287, ext. 239


John J. Wranek III '85
Vice President, Annual and Reunion Giving
Phone: 540-464-7287, ext. 244

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