Competency Assessment

Competency assessment at VMI is driven by a legislative mandate to engage in assessment of student achievement (Code of Virginia § 23.1-203 )

The mandate is executed by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) in cooperation with public institutions of higher education. SCHEV’s policy on Student Learning Assessment and Quality in Undergraduate Education (2017) mandates that institutions assess student achievement in at least six competency areas. Four core competencies must be assessed by all institutions:

1. Civic Engagement
2. Critical Thinking
3. Quantitative Reasoning
4. Written Communication

Two additional competencies that reflect ongoing institutional priorities for student learning and development shall be selected by individual institutions. For VMI, these are:

5. Oral Communication
6. Scientific Reasoning

Data Collection & Reporting Schedule:

VMI will report on two competencies each year according to the following cycle:

Competency Year
Civic Engagement 2018-2019 (Repeats 2021-2022)
Quantitative Reasoning 2018-2019 (Repeats 2021-2022)
Critical Thinking 2019-2020 (Repeats 2022-2023)
Written Communication 2019-2020 (Repeats 2022-2023)
Oral Communication 2020-2021 (Repeats 2023-2024)
Scientific Reasoning 2020-2021 (Repeats 2023-2024)










Assessment Reports

2018-19 Quantitative Reasoning and Civic Engagement [PDF]