Appointed Students

Appointments are conditional until applicants have met all medical requirements and successfully completed your current academic program.

Next steps

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Start Training

Training should include running, sit-ups, and pull-ups, which are required for the VMI Fitness Test (VFT), and a fitness program that will prepare you for calisthenics, marching, running on hilly terrain, and tests of stamina and agility such as the obstacle course. Mental preparation should involve improvement in self-discipline, emotional discipline, anger management, and coping with fatigue. 

More about preparing physically

Prospective cadets walk through barracks during STP

Summer Transition Program

The Summer Transition Program offers a chance to get a jump on your VMI experience before matriculation. Participants take a class, live in barracks, eat in the mess hall, and participate in physical training.

More about STP 


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Placement Tests

In late May, you will be emailed instructions for taking language and/or mathematics placement tests. All students take the mathematics test and students who took two or more years of a language in grades 9 - 12 are tested.

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Cadets assisting incoming Rats on move-in day


During matriculation, new cadets and their families have an opportunity to discuss studies from their chosen curriculum, sign the matriculation pledge and add their names to the matriculation book. Also at this time, new cadets receive room assignments, mailbox numbers, email addresses, and Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) information.

Matriculation Day Info