Institute Scholars

High school students with a strong academic and well-balanced high school record may be eligible to become Institute Scholars.

Institute Scholars are awarded scholarship funds to supplement ROTC scholarships or other forms of financial aid in order to meet the full cost of attendance at VMI. Financial need is not a criterion for selection. In addition to the financial award, all Institute Scholars are automatically enrolled in Institute Honors


  • To qualify, candidates must present a high school GPA of at least 3.75 and evidence of achievement in a rigorous high school academic program, demonstrated by AP/IB, dual enrollment, or other advanced coursework. Candidates who meet these criteria are encouraged to apply.

Only incoming students may apply for this program. Applicants must apply both for admissions to VMI and or the Scholars program. Both applications must be received by admissions no later than Feb. 1. Outstanding candidates will be invited to make arrangements for a virtual interview. Alternate dates for on-post interviews may be arranged in some circumstances.

For questions contact:

Col. Rob McDonald, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
540-464-7212 or

Admissions Office
540-464-7211 or