VMI's academic program offers a rigorous education that includes a broad, four-year core curriculum with carefully selected majors in engineering, science, liberal arts, and social sciences. 

Learning at VMI can take many forms, whether that is in the classroom, marching in Hawaii for Jungle Operations Training, or studying microscopic worms in Florida. 

At VMI, each class averages 11 students which allow professors and cadets to develop meaningful relationships. 

Our award-winning faculty members are known for their expertise, mentorship, commitment to service, and encouragement of undergraduate research. 

They are heavily involved in developing their curriculum and textbooks and partner with cadets for research into a range of topics from the Zika virus to autonomous cars. 

Meanwhile, cadets have the opportunity to work with these same professors in their declared major throughout their education.

Academics from Virginia Military Institute on Vimeo.

ROTC Scholarship Information

At VMI, every cadet must participate in four years of Reserve Officer Training Corps. for completion of their degree.

VMI offers the option to choose from four branches of the U.S. Military for commissioning. Cadets who do not plan to commission will be enrolled in Army ROTC.


Cadets either planning to commission with the U.S. Army or not, are enrolled in AROTC. VMI AROTC has produced more Army generals than any other ROTC program in the United States.

Air Force

VMI's AFROTC combat systems officer selection rate is consistently at or near 100%.


Cadets in VMI's Naval ROTC commissioning track have many career options including the Navy's Sea, Air, and Land Teams (SEALs) and the nuclear power program.

Navy-Marine Option

VMI's Marine-option NROTC cadets consistently have one of the highest graduation rates in the nation at Officer Candidates School.