Degrees and Programs

The department offers two-degree tracks: 

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Chemistry Minor
  • Concentration in BMB

Research Opportunities

The majority of chemistry majors participate in at least one undergraduate research experience. Most of these cadets will present their research at a local or regional professional meeting, and a smaller number will have their results published. Chemistry majors also have the opportunity to work as industrial interns with a company during the summer. Majors who have demonstrated excellence in the study of chemistry are invited to participate in the departmental honors program during their 1st Class year. Cadets who accept the invitation will be engaged in extensive research under the close supervision of a faculty sponsor.

All chemistry majors are encouraged to join the active Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society. The chapter sponsors visiting speakers, trips to industrial and government laboratories, and several social events during the year.