ROTC Requirement

At VMI, every cadet must take four years of ROTC for completion of their degree.

All cadets who either desire to commission or otherwise meet Navy/Marine or Air Force ROTC eligibility criteria can enroll in those ROTC programs at VMI. Cadets who desire to commission in the Army, or who do not plan to commission upon graduation, will be enrolled in the Army ROTC Program.


Cadets either planning to commission with the U.S. Army or not commission at all, are enrolled in AROTC. VMI AROTC has produced more Army generals than any other ROTC program in the United States.

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Air Force ROTC

The VMI Air Force ROTC pilot/combat systems officer selection rate is consistently at or near 100%. Cadets who complete the AFROTC program may earn commissions as second lieutenants.

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Naval ROTC

Cadets in VMI's Naval ROTC commissioning tract have many career options including special warfare (SEAL) and the nuclear power program.

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Naval Marine Option ROTC

VMI's Marine-option NROTC cadets consistently have one of the highest graduation rates in the nation at Officer Candidates School.

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ROTC Scholarship Information