Readmission of Former Cadets

Cadets separated from the Corps by resignation, failure to pre-register, suspension, medical furlough, or failure of eligibility must apply to be readmitted.

Readmission is based on the merit of each application, and the likelihood for successful completion of the VMI program. A full assessment will be completed as to whether the cadet could safely return to participate in all academic and physical components of VMI, and successfully integrate into the  military and class structure.

Cadets seeking readmission must be able to meet weight/body fat standards and be able to pass the VFT. Those not meeting standards will not be allowed to re-enroll.

VMI reserves the right to deny readmission to a cadet who has been separated from the Institute longer than two years, or if a cadet cannot successfully integrate into the Corps to complete the requirements as stated above.

For a complete outline of the readmission standards, deadlines, and forms. Readmission Information


  Fall: June 1
  Spring: November 1

Completed applications and supporting paperwork must be submitted by the deadline to:

Virginia Military Institute
Registrar's Office
303 Shell Hall
Lexington, VA 24450

Late applications will be considered for the next eligible semester.

Cadets dismissed for disciplinary reasons may petition for readmission after being absent from VMI for one full calendar year. The status will be reconsidered based on the presentation of new evidence or extenuating circumstances.