Event Parking

Satellite Parking is available out at Lackey Parking Lot (150 Hines Lane).

No tailgating is permitted during 13-16 May.  VMI doesn’t charge for parking on Post during our May Final Events.  Parking is first come, first serve, including handicap parking. 

We do ask that our guests pay attention to the yellow lines on the roads and not park in certain designated locations.  The VMI Police need your assistance and patience to ensure that everyone has the quickest and safest departure from Post possible. 

Parking on the Parade Ground may be permitted but is dependent on inclement weather, check our website for details.

14-16 May - Please pay attention to the traffic patterns for the departure of cadets.  Most of the Corps is being released after the Memorial Parade on 14 May except 1/C graduating cadets, and 4th Class and selected other cadets.  Each day the area in front of Barracks will be congested with all the cadets trying to depart.