Barracks (Housing) Check-In

To secure a room in barracks you must complete room and meal registration in Post View or through the non-cadet online application.  Summer rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

All summer session students residing in barracks are required to register/pay for a room and meal plan before arriving for each session. 

Students have the option of living in barracks or in Lexington and the surrounding area during the Summer Session.

  • Students living in barracks must purchase a meal plan.
  • If you are living off-post you will not be eligible to purchase a meal plan.
  • Students living in barracks will be quarantined/isolated in a barracks room for contact tracing and/or a positive COVID test.
  • Students living in barracks will be responsible (cost) for any meals, not attached to their meal plan, that are provided during a quarantined or isolation situation.
  • Students living off-post who are required to isolate/quarantine will do so at their summer residence, and they will be responsible for their own meals during quarantine/isolation.

NOTE: Per VMI policy, high school students are not permitted to reside in barracks.

There are no provisions for storing personal items in the barracks after graduation for those returning for Summer Session. 

Students who have paid for a room and meal plan should report to the Deputy Commandant's Office for their room assignment beginning at noon the day before classes begin for each session respectively.  After normal business hours, you should report to the Barrack's Supervisor in the OC office.  At the end of each session, you must clear the Barracks in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Commandant's Office.

If you would to stay in Barracks for the long weekend between sessions you will need to coordinate your stay with the Commandant's Office.  You will be assessed an additional fee as the room charge only covers the 5-week session.