Address and Residency Changes

Address changes: Biographical and address information on file at VMI is provided to cadets during registration periods in the Fall and Spring semesters. It is the responsibility of each cadet to update the Registrar's Office if a change of address has occurred. Changes to cadet address information must be made in writing by the cadet through completion of the online Change of Address Form located at  For questions or problems regarding change of addresses, please contact Teresa Evans.

Changes in residency status: A cadet's permanent state of residency is determined at the time of admission. After admission, it is the duty of each cadet to promptly provide written notification to the Registrar's Office. Changes in domiciliary status must be made through completion of the Application for Review of Residency and Tuition Status Form. In-State status change requests are then reviewed by the Registrar to determine eligibility.

Residence in the Commonwealth for the purposes of obtaining an education does not qualify a cadet for Virginia residency status. For more information regarding residency status please contact the Registrar's Office, or visit the Policies and Guidelines section of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia to obtain information regarding Virginia State Residency guidelines.